Mt Erin is a leading New Zealand apple grower and exporter based in Hawke’s Bay.  Mt Erin is also a local landmark, Hawke’s Bay’s third highest peak.

 Our new premium pack brand uses a combination of text and imagery to speak to our company’s strong links to the Hawke’s Bay region and the quality, traceability and integrity of the fruit we offer to markets around the world.

 The brand logo sits above the words ‘New Zealand’ as the foundation which supports our international reputation.  New Zealand products leverage market position from our country’s environmental credentials and proud history of high-quality primary produce.


The tree is a universal symbol of life, health and growth recognised in almost every country and culture.  For Mt Erin, the tree represents growth, productivity, and sustainability; its roots going deep into our culture and heritage.  It speaks to our connection with the land and our intention to build our business over several generations.

The treatment of the ‘Mt Erin’ text represents not only the outlook across the fertile plains of Hawke’s Bay, but our company’s global outlook as we seek to build strong and sustainable relationships with both our suppliers here in Hawke's Bay, and our importers and business partners around the world.